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Curated Portfolio of Drawings

Hell's Gate
Figure Study 1
Figure Study 2
Dante's Inferno, 8th Circle, Thieves
Shadows of the Past
The Baubas
Charon, Boatman of the Sea
Figure Study 6
Delirious Infestation
Second Circle, Lust
Seventh Circle, Violence Against God, Nature, & Art
Lucifer, Hell's Prisoners


The Inferno details Dante’s journey through Hell, alongside his guide ancient Roman poet Virgil. Part of the 14th century epic poem, The Divine Comedy, Dante explores the eternal fates of villains of both historical & literary renown. It is through this that we can examine both the vices of human nature, and thus the ramifications of their subsequent tragedies.

Hell's Gate
Vestibule of Hell
Charon, the Ferryman of Hell
First Circle, Limbo
Second Circle, Lust
King Mino's, Judge of the Damned
Cerberus, Tormentor of the Gluttonous
Third Circle, Gluttony
Fourth Circle, Avarice
Fifth Circle, Wrath
Sixth Circle, Heresy
Violence Against Self
Violence Against God, Art, & Nature
Geryon, The Beast of Fraud
Eighth Circle, First Bolgia, Panderers & Seducers
Eighth Circle, Second Bolgia, Flatterers
Eighth Circle, Third Bolgia, Simoniacs
Eighth Circle, Fourth Bolgia, Sorcerers
Eighth Circle, Fifth Bolgia, Barrators
Eighth Circle, Sixth Bolgia, Hypocrites
Eighth Circle, Eighth Bolgia, Counsellors of Fraud
Eighth Circle, Eighth Bolgia, Counsellors of Fraud
Eighth Circle, Ninth Bolgia, Sowers of Discord
Eighth Circle, Tenth Bolgia, Falsifiers
Chained Titans
Lucifier, Hell's Prisoner

Curated Portfolio of Paintings

Grin & Bear It
Legion of None
The New Apple
Smothered in Bliss
Solo Cresendo
The Golden Cash Calf

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